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New Homes

We cater for all styles of new dwellings. Traditional, Contemporary and Architectural designs are all treated with equal care and pride, ensuring that you own a home that you too will be proud of.

Have Plans?
When we build a new home, we look carefully at the supplied plans. Years of experience soon tell us if the ‘plan’ will work in everyday use. Will the pantry door obstruct the use of an appliance when open? .etc…etc. It’s all about making things work seamlessly. We understand what we are building, and if a change is advantageous, we’ll inform you.
Need Help With Plans?
B&A Hunt are able to connect you with some very smart planning and draughts people. They are people that understand the functional aspects of a home while respecting your individual style. They design homes that work.
Want Something Different?
We meet many imaginative clients wanting things to be ‘just so’. No problem. The complexities of constructing an ‘original’ design are integral to our reputation for being flexible builders.

Renovations and Extensions

A carefully considered renovation can transform your existing environment into a whole new lifestyle experience. At B&A Hunt we have the means to completely remodel your home or to seamlessly extend it, preserving its original character. The choice is yours.
Whether its simple improvements such as a veranda, pergola, garage etc or a multiple storey transformation we are at your service.


Older homes have a special charm, but regardless of how stylish they may be, there is always a need for periodic maintenance. Timbers fade and floors may sink… If you want to keep your property in respectable shape, the help of an expert is invaluable. Our services extend to all kinds of structural maintenance.